Lifestyle Change

Lifestyle Change

Change is not easy. The way we currently live our lives and a myriad of factors influence our ability to thrive. Cooperative and Community Health Lessons are here to guide you on your journey of change. Let us help you find your motivation.

Factors that can totally affect our health. These include the food we eat, how often we exercise, our ability to cope with stress, and whether we are sleeping soundly or not. But that’s not all: good health is more likely when we have a robust support system of friends and family and can devote time to leisure/hobbies, make desired changes in the living environment, reduce consumption of alcohol, tobacco or others. Drugs, spending time in nature, practising spirituality, and having someone you trust to talk to about problems.

Thanks to New age science, we now have a better understanding of how lifestyle, physical health, and mental health are closely linked. Furthermore, we know that all of these factors strongly influence the overall quality of life and the way we feel, or our “well-being.”

Thinking about changes in any of these parts of our life can seem overwhelming, and for a good reason. Changes big or small, can be difficult. However, cooperative and community health class counselors are uniquely trained to work with patients and families to identify and support their unique capacity for change.

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